Bedfordshire Youth Opera

Thank you to everyone who was a part of The Pirates of Penzance production by Bedfordshire Youth Opera at The Place Theatre. It was a fabulous Course and Production, with a very successful run of five performances which were sold out every night!

Bedfordshire Youth Opera has been running successfully for 37 years and is unique in the UK providing one of very few opportunities for young people aged 14 – 26 to experience opera, for both for singers and orchestral players.

It is directed by our small team of Artistic and Musical Professionals who work together with a large team of dedicated volunteers and a group of 20 – 30 singers and similar number of players who all enjoy the fantastic journey ‘from page to stage’ culminating in 5 or 6 performances open to the public

It is truly inspirational to singers and audience alike, and has been the launch-pad for the careers of several international professional artists and changed the lives of many others who have been a part of it over the years

We’re already planning a Production in 2018 starting with our Workshop for singers: 14 – 15 April. Course rehearsals and Performances will run from July – August/September. Look out for application forms on this website.

Please enjoy watching these clips below and share as widely as possible to spread the word about BYO to potential future cast and orchestra members, supporters and future audiences.

From rehearsal to final performance ‘Behind the scenes at Bedfordshire Youth Opera’

Cast interviews and a short piece about us ‘Why Bedfordshire Youth Opera Rocks’

A highlight from one of the Performances ‘The Pirate King’


WHOLE SHOW VIDEO – £10 Donation requested before streaming or downloading

Bedfordshire Youth Opera doesn’t receive any grant funding and now really needs extra support to enable the Project to grow and flourish – so this is why we’re asking for a donation. Please do consider the future of BYO and click on the donate button before accessing the whole show video – every single penny donated will go into BMT/BYO funds to support our work!

Thank you to Nick Morgan for videos and to Lorna Bowes for sponsoring.