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Jamboree Parent Information


Sunday 17th March at Shenley Brook End School 10am – 4pm

Contacts and Important Information       

Emergency Contact number during the event      07708230072 – Helen Nightingale

The above number is only available on the course days during course hours. Please only use in emergencies, or if you are ill on the day of the course.

We are encouraging as much social distancing as we can during the course and politely ask that if your child is showing symptoms associated to Covid 19 that they do not attend the course. If there are any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Helen Nightingale (helen.nightingale@bedfordshiremusictrust.org.uk  07708230072).

Please use the Sixth Form Centre entrance to Shenley Brook End School Site – Walbank Grove, Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes MK5 7ZT

Parking should be in the bays in front of the school building.

Parents are reminded that they are not allowed to stay on site during the day but may return for the concert at 4pm.

 Upon arrival at Shenley Brook End School.

Make your way to the Sixth Form Centre entrance, there will be a Milton Keynes Music Flag for you to look for. Please ensure you register upon arrival and that we have all the correct emergency contact information for you.

A concert to showcase the music from the day will take place at 4pm in the Concert Hall.

At the end of the concert, parents/carers are asked to collect their children from inside the concert hall. The children will only be released upon acknowledgement by the group manager.

All students need to ensure they are signed in or out whenever arriving or leaving the site.

Please remember to bring the following

  • Your music stand clearly labelled with your name
  • A pencil and eraser
  • A packed lunch and drink. Please ensure that your lunch contains no nut products (peanut butter, cereal bars etc.) as are there are students with severe nut allergies attending. Many thanks!
  • Cellists are reminded to bring a spike support
  • String players need to remember your shoulder rests
  • Drummers, please bring any sticks you have

Please note that all instruments and personal belongings are the responsibility of the student, and any lost property will be collected up at the end of the day.

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